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Guidelines to proceed in the event of new wave of COVID-19

Guidelines to proceed in the event of new wave of COVID-19

Pursuant to the announcements of new cases of COVID-19 patients in Samut Sakhon province and the provincial lock-down measures from 19 December 2020 – 3 January 2021.Thammasat Business School, Thammasat University urges the cooperations from lecturers, students and staff members to strictly follow these measures.

1. TBS members who reside in Samut Sakhon province including people who has visited the province within 14-day period From 6 December 2020 onward, please follow these measures

  >> For students, please report yourself by fill in the google form at   

  >> For lecturers and staffs, please report yourself to Human Resource Department at Tel. 02-6965737 (Rangsit) and 02-6132195 (Tha-prachan)

2. Lecturers, students, staffs are asked to wear a face mask at all time and frequently wash hands or use alcohol hand gels as well as avoid crowded areas along with taking a good care of one’s health.

If any TBS members finds yourself in possible situations with COVID 2019 infection, please immediately visit doctors to further diagnosis.

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